Running is fun (mostly).

Sport is fun (mostly).

Mud is awesome.

Beards are awesome.

Mud, beards, and the limits of human endurance

Do you know when you’re a kid and your mum says “Stay out of the puddles!” or “Don’t get your clothes dirty!”? Well, that’s why I trail run. The Muddy Masochist is my beardy adventure into the world of endurance sport.

This blog is my journey through sport, through races, through running in other countries, through my gear.

Getting muddy, getting cold, getting tired, getting hurt, and the euphoric high that allows me to function in that state.

That Was Then. This Is Now

Running, travel and the limits of my own endurance. I still love getting muddy and splashing about in puddles but 2018 is about pushing my limits beyond the max, into the ultra.

Trying to answer the question “why?!” by doing. Showing what it is that compels me to run and what I see and experience that makes all those long hours on my feet worth it.

Follow me through 2018 as I tackle the 6 hour run at Princes Park, Run Larapinta (80k over 4 days) and Surf Coast Century (solo 100K).

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just stumbled on your report on the Bernisdale Circuit.It was me that put the route on the SLRC site so glad you liked it. Were you staying in the wee cottage at Aird Bernisdale? If so, shame we didnt meet,i live about 500m up the Aird road. There are loads of off road runs to do around about.
    If you’re ever back give me a shout and I’ll show you. Neil

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