By The Numbers

Less than 44 hours until the first Ealing Half Marathon.
2 days ago I ran 7 miles in 1hr & 17 seconds with an average pace of 8.37min/mile
My slowest miles was an 8:55 while my fastest was a 8:28.
My jogute round trip is a 6 mile circuit.

I was going to compose a kind of Haiku for this post. A running Haiku with the number of verses decided by the number of miles, each with three lines, the length of each line, in each verse – the number of syllables – would be determined by the minute, and second values for each mile. So, an 8.45 mile would have 3 lines of 8 syllables, 4 syllables, 5 syllables. I mention this now because I may do this in the future but not today since my poetry skills are wanting.

Despite the lack of poem, I would like to point out that the run was sufficiently energising and inspiring to not only increase my confidence in my predicted performance on Sunday but to equally inspire me to be creative.

My bike is still inaccessible which means I will continue to joggle to and from work for the time being. I recently read ‘Run, Hemingway, Run!’s’ blog entitled ‘Run Home Jack‘ while I am impressed with his perseverance, the man simply does not enjoy running – which is confusing as hell – but entertaining to read about. I myself have just bought a new running rucksack – an ‘OMM Adventure Light 20’ – which I will be trying out tonight and tomorrow – a preemptive purchase to allow me to not only mule my own change of clothes to and from work and to prepare myself for a lot more adventure running next year.




3 thoughts on “By The Numbers

    1. I’m glad you’re starting to enjoy it, will you keep it up through the winter or are you a fair-weather runner? That will be the true test. Keep up the blogs too, I am sure the ‘run from work’ will get easier.

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