Run of the (muddy) mill: When he stamps on your foot…

…he also sends you an email.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, it has also been a while since I went for a run. After the escapades of the Wildman, I returned to wintery Croyde for the remainder of my holiday and had planned on doing a SW Costal path half marathon – as you do. Well, in a moment of stupidity I twisted my ankle which meant I couldn’t walk for a couple of days let alone run 21K.

However, if there is some sort of Omnipotent Gremlin who watches over runners, then his name is Puck and he has a very twisted sense of humour. Two days after picking up the twisted ankle I got offered some writing work for – writing a series of advice articles on trail running and the such.

Roll on two weeks to today, the running shoes are back on and I have been reminding my legs what they like doing the best, although at a very relaxed pace on the treadmill. However, I have big plans for the next couple of months; Iceman in January (a 16K trail run) and as I turn 30 in Feb, I’d like to run 30K, on the day, as a way of marking it (I know, only a runner – right!?). So I need to get my routine back and quick as I have 6 weeks until the 16 and only 8 until the 30. So this week, I will be reconnecting with my running through the Zombies,Run! App.

I will also be in Prague for the New Year and would love to get some running in while I’m there. If, reader, you know of a nice 10 or 15K routes in the Czech Capital, drop me a line – although I have been to Prague before, I’ve never actually run there.

Keep running!

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