Run of the (muddy) mill: the gears of war

Hello blog, long time no see. I am still running, which is good to hear – although it got pretty sketchy for a while, however I have misplaced my Garmin data cable which means I have been unable to upload any runs and as if Saturday just gone cannot record them, now, either.

So, still running and much much more and I OK intend to get a decent data filled blog out soon – this one is being composed on my new tablet so it’ll text heavy and therefore short….

I haven’t raced since November but I was in the Isle of Skye in February and did a very nice 8 miler around a nearby hill – report to follow (fingers crossed).

At the beginning of the year I went freelance in my field and to cut costs have been cycling to the various places of work which means I am now cycling anywhere between 50 and 100 miles a week – depending on where I am working.

Lots going on.

Keep running!

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