Blood, Blisters and Biros – Road to Brighton: Intro

It begins

I have 24 weeks until the Brighton Marathon – that’s 6 months away (I know) but the training plan I am following is a 24 week training plan. Normally I use these plans only as a guide, but this is my first marathon – hopefully the first of many, and then some, so I am taking this very very seriously. This is the plan I will be following for the next 24 weeks.

Marathon Training Plan
Marathon Training Plan

I have been active on the race side this year and the prospect of 6 months without an event is hard to imagine – especially as we are in trail running season so there are a couple of slight modifications to the plan….

At the end of week four (man! is it only 4 weeks away) I am running in the Turbo X in Bordon, Hants – a 10 mile…. Ahh, I’ll just get the description directly off of the event hosts website:

Slightly understated, many runners have said that Turbo X is grimmer than the Grim and the Turbo Zone more Hellish than the Hell Runner.

We’ll take you beyond your comfort zone – 10-or-so miles of sand, mud, hills and bogs suitable only for 4×4’s and humans in trail shoes. Get up to your neck in water, be sucked into the quagmire that is the Turbo X Zone.

As if the other 9 miles aren’t tough enough, the Turbo X Zone Mile takes you through a new level of muck, you’ll finish wet, muddy and tired and wanting more. You’ll get chip timing for the full race and a separate time through the Turbo mile so you can compare your prowess in the sucking mud against your friends and see who the King of Filth is.

So my Saturday long runs will be off-road (in preparation for Turbo) and I will be doing more than the prescribed time for cross training to build up my stamina – I wanna run this thing sub 90mins.

I am also looking into the ‘Mudman’ off-road duathalon in December – but my marathon training fits with that quite happily.

So. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the first of many, structured, runs and after my recent 5K performance, these are the speeds I will be training at:

Easy run: 5:59min/K
Tempo run: 4:59min/K
Speed work: 4:10min/K
Long run: 5:59 – 6:45min/K
Race pace: 5:20min/K

If I train at these speeds, I should be fit to run a 3:45 marathon.


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