Blood, Blisters & Brios: Mwahahahahahahah

080217 evil laugh
080217 evil laugh (Photo credit: Dan4th)

Evil laugh time!

(I know it’s a weird picture but it’s as close to ‘evil laugh’ as WordPress would get)

Last night, while at work, I was working with a fellow sporty-ish person. After a legitimate query about whether or not I should go with SPD pedals for first duathlon, we got talking about running, cycling and all things off-road in general.

Well, some 2 hours later, not only had I convinced my buddy that the duathlon race I have entered is not only fun but also something he could do, we began to look at triathlons – something he thinks his wife would be interested in doing.
Email away – check

So, after simply talking about mud, adventure races and running, I’ve successfully indoctrinated one, possibly two, new people into the muddy masochist cause. That’s two less people in my quest for (muddy) world domination.

Friends, you have been warned.

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