26.2 leagues under the sea


This month has been all about hitting 100 miles. A goal which I achieved this week – running 36 miles over 6 days. A non-runner friend of mine, began throwing alternative distance measurements for this 100 miles such as feet, hands and leagues. 100 miles is 29 leagues (approximately) which got me wondering, how many leagues in a marathon?


bum! Not even double digits

So, I began to wonder, how far is 26.2 leagues? Well, it’s about 90.5 miles or 145KM.


What a challenge. 26.2 is often considered a golden number. And why not, if you have run 26.2 miles then you are a marathoner – or – a crazy masochistic bastard who thinks blisters, no toenails, muscle cramps and disgusting gel based sports nutritional supplements are a good thing. Or you a charity marathoner and you are generally considered saintly for your efforts. Either way, running saint or long distance sinner, you…have…done…it.

Until you discover that there is distance beyond the marathon. The ultra distance. Something of which I have talked about and, now, will be doing next year – but there will be another post on that. Anyway, after conquering 26.2 kilometres and 26.2 miles, why not add 26.2 leagues and make the golden distance a trilogy of distance-accomplishments?

So what do you think? Would you be interested in a festival of running which had three runs of this distance – but at different units of measurement?

As always, let me know your thoughts? Maybe you have already run 26.2 leagues – if so, do you have a t-shirt??

Drop a comment or drop me an email – email details on my ‘about’ page.

Happy running


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