I fancy a marathon


No no. Fancy is not quite strong enough. Fancy I can dismiss at a later date, or talk myself out of – like doughnuts. So maybe I want a marathon? No, want doesn’t quite do it.


Yes. I crave a marathon.

Crave works.
It’s a desire for something that is missing. I can relate to that. When I crave Tomato juice, it is because I am deficient in certain vitamins – could be A, B-6, E – not entirely sure. But sometimes I really really need it and it is usually in periods of high running. I have a similar relationship with salted peanuts and peanut butter, oh and Bananas.

So what the fuck man! Marathon training is hard. You know this, you tried it before. Even in ideal conditions running 30+ km’s

 l                               o                            n                         g



 is hard work, so how is this going to work in somewhere like Doha?

Well. I had convinced myself that I was going to be chained to the treadmill and was happily on the way to developing a treadmill Stockholm syndrome. However, I have managed to get a couple of runs in before the sun is fully up – in that meteorological sweet spot when the temperature, the humidity, and the ability to be outside is at an equilibrium – as perfect as running conditions get at this time of year.


This is where the crux lies. To obtain my dream of hitting that Marathon milestone, I need to exhibit levels of discipline and consciousness that are unnatural. I need to become a morning person.


Cue screams of horror. Now I fancy a doughnut!

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