What ever County, Country or Continent I find myself on. If they plan it, I will come.

It probably won’t happen, they said. And I believed them. All the races that had happened, had been going on earlier in the year, when it was cooler. Treadmills was my future.


But I defied the odds and have been running outside. forcing myself to become a morning person (being knackered by 9pm helped) – what’s the saying? early to bed, early to rise? But as I have nothing better to do right now, it is suiting me to be asleep so unnaturally early. And to be honest, after 6 – 8 hours sleep, 4am is not so bad. And for a while. This was good. I covered 20+ miles in my first week.


I began to wonder, as the 2.5 mile journey + a 7KG pack (who would have thought jeans weighed too much) became easier and easier, forcing me to extend it, if I could run home after day shifts. The sun would still be low or down – just at the other end of the day instead. This is a transcript of my inner thinking during the run home.

Sunday evening: 6:30pm. 38degC, %48 humidity.

Wow it is still warm. I Very warm. Maybe this is a bad idea. Nah. What is that quote that springs to mind – you committed to finishing this run when you stepped outside.
0.25 miles – stuck in the middle of the Central reservation
I swear it is getting hotter, and that i am going to be stuck here forever, I may die here!!
1 mile in – heart pounding
What is going on. How fast am I running (check watch) shit! not that fast. Need to slow down. need to walk.
1.1 miles in
Ok. let’s try running again, nice and slow. A mere dribble of a run, more slow power walking than running.
1.3 miles in
nope. walk.
1.9 miles
Ok. As long as I can make it across that final stretch of desert wasteland I will be happy. Come on. push now. just a few more meters to go.

I sweated like I had run a half marathon and my throat was raspy from the warm, damp air. Running in anything above 35degC is a bad idea.

I Found A Run


As always happens, while looking for something else, I found a race to enter. The Inside-Out Run. Or is it the Outside In Run?? Not sure. It is at Aspire Park, in a week and a bit, and it has the best race description, including phrases such as ‘enter a mystery route’ and (my personal favourite) ‘distance is approximate’. 5-ish K’s of running in the evening – with maybe a medal, can’t wait!!!

And, with an advertising gif like that, I cannot see how anyone could resist??


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