A Good Base

Monday 22nd, tomorrow, marks the start of Marathon training. Over the last 4 weeks I have really put the effort in to get my weekly mileage up and as I reflect on the logged miles and my general impressions of my general state of fitness, I feel like I have built up a good base.

My early morning run today, heading out at the unfathomable hour of 3:30am to get in as close to 10 miles of running as I could, not only pushes my miles for the week up into the low 20s, thus completing a fortnight of 20+ weekly totals.

marathon-cartoon 2

As ever, every outside run here seems to introduce a new dimension to endurance training in Qatar.

Endurance Lesson Of The Day: 100+defF Running

Just humid enough to take the temperature a few degrees higher than one would like, but not so humid that sweating has no effect. After about an hour in this ones body heats up to over 100deg.F, one simply begins to overheat, joints ache, head fuzzes, one has the feeling of running a temperature. But one wants to keep going.

So what did you learn? You enquire.

Well. That the next time I am in a country where the temperature is sub 30degC and someone says “it’s too hot to run” I will have no shame in pointing and laughing. That if I am ever running a slight fever, that is no longer a legitimate excuse not to for a run. Dammit!

And The Rest

I managed to find my exercise bike legs without too much difficulty and the idea of an hour on a stationary bike does not fill me with dread like it did a month ago.

I have some exciting runs coming up. Next Friday I am off with the Doha Bay Runners to run at Al Kor for our Friday morning run, so I might clean up my trail shoes and take them with me – just in case it is rugged enough to justify wearing them. I am thinking of charging up my GoPro too; getting some footage of a run along the desert coast, as the sun comes up over the water. Could be magical.

There are also some indoor track sessions going on at the Aspire dome, so some of my interval sessions will go on there too.

Big Tick

Great. So, my head is in a good place, my legs are in a good place. Just got to work on the middle bit now. The countdown to either the Marysville or Rottnest Island marathon. Begins!

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