The Road To Marysville And Mt Donna Buang: Week 6 Cool Down

This week was all about keeping cool while it heats up, or shall I say humid’s up.


3 mile easy run in the morning and bootcamp in the evening


Core work and walk to work


2.82 mile run home in 30 mins, then some tready hill and core work in the afternoon – 4 miles at 6% – 51 minutes


10K cycle and some strength work


Easy run 5 miles in 61 mins


Rest day – walked 4 miles


Walked 3 miles. 10 mile tready run with 3.6 miles at 2.5% incline – first 5 at 11:30/mile second 5 at 12:00/mile. – 121 minutes

Hot Wet 24hr

As the sun rises over the bay a fine mist permeates the skyscraping city skyline. As the sun sets into the desert dust, a fine mist permeates the skyscraping city skyline. In many ways it is quite pretty, adds a certain magic to the mornings and evenings. But what is it? Smog? Sand? It is neither. It is water vapor.

The humidity in Doha has been a total nightmare for the last 2 weeks, with highs of 70% and lows of 55%, one finds oneself wondering if a swimming cap and snorkel are apropo wear for this type of weather.

Despite the creeping humidity, over the last few weeks I have been pretty resilient (stubborn) with running outdoors. But this week, even walking outdoors, heck. Standing outdoors at 2am, can induce a sweat session. Even long-term members of the running club are being forced indoors, and they’re used to this weather!!

Reluctantly, for the time being, treadmills are majorly back on the agenda. It is the only way to get the mileage in. So I say yay – at least I have access to a treadmill.


So I have been using the incline settings on the tready. Treadhills are my new favorite thing to do on the infernal machine. Because let’s face it nobody really likes running on that thing. Enter hills. This simple pleasure revealed itself on my Wednesday afternoon run. I was on nights this week so, whilst already battling with the specific species of sleep deprivation that only a night shift can manifest, the thought of running on a treadmill while staring at muted surfer videos does not fill me with the joyful anticipation. But add a 6% incline and BOOM (did I really say boom? yes. Well fuck it, it’s appropriate)… BOOM – 5 miles, no problem, all my focus was on keeping the pace, despite the incline – I did not have time to get bored.

Double Digit Miles

So I added some treadhill action to my Sunday run. Not only did I thus survive, mentally, ten long miles on the infernal machine due to some well executed treadhills, but finally FINALLY got my legs into double figures.

It was a good week.

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