Road To Marysville: The Week That Running Forgot

A short one for last week.

The summer heat and humidity has reached a point in dusty Doha that makes it impossible to be outside. During the day this is because of the intensity of the sun. During the night this is doubly because of the intensity of the humidity.


I thought I had it covered though, but my long run on Saturday night was sabotaged 3K in and I had to turn back. That ended 2 weeks of odd running – I have been training specifically and doing lots of cross training, but haven’t been putting any decent mileage in.


So I have had to take a bit of a rain check on my running plan and adapt it for a few weeks, at least until the humidity drops enough to make running outside achievable again. So for the next 2 or so weeks I will still do spin, still do bootcamp, still do aspire track sessions (it may be extended into September – fingers crossed) but no running outside. Instead I am looking to cover 30+miles a week with 6 days of running on the treadmill – covering about 10K a day.

It’s a little boring in some ways but I NEED that mileage.

3 thoughts on “Road To Marysville: The Week That Running Forgot

  1. Doing something is a 100% better than simply admitting defeat. You can’t fight the conditions and its impossible to perform in that heat. Keep with the indoor training and try to find a way to beat the monotony of treadmill running. You can and will do this cos your a winner James and a this will not beat you. Good luck!

  2. Wow! Total admiration here for keeping at it. I think I would literally go bananas if I couldn’t get outside and do something… but then… having said that, I used to work at sea for 6 or 7 weeks at a time, and survived. So I guess you do adapt. Mentally, as much as anything. Good luck getting the miles in.

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