Let The Event Bonanza Begin

Registration For Marysville has finally opened so the event booking bonanza has begun. This is what weeks 44 – 49 of the Julian Calendar year 2015 is looking:

Week 44

25th October 2015 – Water For Life Half Marathon,  SL7 1RT (near Marlow)



For a while I thought I was going to have to run the Love Luton half – but this is much better. A trail-ishey half 2 weeks before a trail full. Plus it is along the banks of the Thames – bliss.

Week 46

8th November 2015 – Marysville Marathon, Victoria


The full marathon. 42 kilometers of scenic running in the valleys and mountains around Marysville, Victoria.

Week 49

29th November – vertical K – Mt BD, Victoria


A sky race, 8KM trail run up a 1km mountain, taking the most direct route up. 15% inclines most of the way and you get to race the road cyclists tackling the 16KM road to the top.  Human VS Cyclist VS Mountain – what’s not to love about this??

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