Ooredoo Marathon 2016 – Only A Few Days Away Now

Marathon no. 2 is only a few days away now, and we have just been provided with the final few morsels of information:

The Official Route


This is pretty close to my prediction, so quite pleased about that.

The Official Cut-Off

Mis-information has been rectified and the official cut off has been changed from 5hrs to 4 1/2 hours.  Yes. The road will reopen and timing mats will be removed. So, any finish after this time will be unofficial in nature.

Well. Like many others, I am a little miffed about this but then, I like a challenge. Looks like I will just have to try to push 5:40/K all the way around to give myself a nice 30 min buffer, for when I get tired later in the run.

Nothing else is new. Friday will be an interesting day, me thinks. Especially since the chatter in FB regarding the new 42K cut-off may mean that the number of 42K runners may be reduced to not very many of us. At least it’s flat!!

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