A Mudless Life: Getting Groovy

I experienced an interesting sensation tonight, while waiting for my shift to end so I could crack on my with 10K run back to the dwelling establishment. I think you can probably guess it from that statement. I became aware that I am waiting, with impatience, for the chance to go for my run. This, by any means, does not reflect on the company I am keeping. More a case of my legs just enjoying the long miles.

A fairly run-of-the-mill sensation right? Well, maybe normally. But I have been on shift since Monday, I have run every day since Tuesday, mostly in the early morning after my shift (on my merry way to bed) and usually coupled with a swim or a strength session in the afternoon and a walk to work. So it is not like I am being particularly inactive. My mileage is 4 or 5 miles most days. In fact, Friday morning, I led a 8.5 mile club run, which meant I didn’t get to bed until 9ish and ended up being woken up by my alarm 6 hours later.

Yet now. Right now (while editing this – some 14 hours post run). I am anticipating an early morning 10K run back to the hotel, post shift. And what I find myself thinking is:

I wish it could be further (but that’s not sensible, I know that).


I wish I could go for a run now. NOW!

I am very confused. Night shifts, especially long shift blocks like my current run, usually make me feel guilty for choosing not to run (because I am knackered).

Well. I AM knackered,  but I think I have become accustomed to running before I go to bed, to running really early in the morning. I think I may have found my distance groove again – unfortunately the groove seems its most efficient in the pre-dawn.

Hitting My Milestones

I could just be excited about general running things. I am really enjoying listening and playing along with my Run Zombies app on my runs back to the hotel.  Also, after a guilt free and much-needed break in Thailand with the missus, I am now maybe 1.5 runs away from cancelling out the near 50K deficit that 10 days of non-running generated, so I will soon be back on track / exceeding my target mileage goal of 2,000KM this year.

So maybe I am just excited about milestones. But I think there is more to it. I am excited about the 29th April when I get to run 20K in the early hours of Friday morning, before hooking up with the running club for three 5KM loops with the NSF loopy group, hitting my 35K long run target for that week.

Even closer, I am excited about the Friday the 15th, where even though I know I will be swimming-then-running the next day –  in the second installment of the Aspire Aquathon (well, third but second for me), I am excited about joining the Friday morning long group and getting in a 25K run before proper breakfast. – My first chance for a long run since my 32K’er the other week.

Scary Trends

If I can continue this trend too, I will be raving about my first 50K long run but the end of May.

To Finish, on many levels

Here is the data from the run I led Friday morning – fun route actually. Oh it rained too which made a change, cold rain as well – and Thunder. April showers no less. BUT IN DOHA!!!??


And If you read this and have a marathon this, next or the weekend after. Good luck!

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