Counting Down

It has been an interesting week both on and off the proverbial beaten track. I am still counting down to my epic 54K(ish) run on the 12th May. So far 14 people have signed up to it and most of them will run. Most of those have opted for the shorter course, which is fine. This is more about running somewhere different rather than how far or how long.*

After a fairly good week of hitting 67K  totals, my highest collective mileage in a while, this week has proven difficult with the combination of post-double day stiffness, night shifts, and a bad case of extreme exhaustion,

So, this week I was hoping to hit 70K but – see above – means I will probably only hit somewhere between 40 and 50K. Still good distance by any count, and the few runs I have done have been around 7/8 miles so I am putting in some decent runs. What is exciting is that next week will be when I knock out my long slow 40K run, something of which I am looking forward to. One of the advantages of coming up short of ones running target is that one actually starts to look forward to the really scary big long run in the not too distant future.

Off The Track

Mudless no more seems to be on the cards. Due to a sudden, but positive, change in my visa situation I will be settling south of the equator for perpetuity. This, also, added to my sleep troubles – due to over-excitement rather than stress.

Back On The Track

So I am now looking at events such as the Surf Coast Hell Run (half marathon) and the Melbourne Marathon as almost certain blips on my running calendar for later this year.


A Great Couple Of Weeks Ahead

So in my running world, the next few months are looking very interesting**. Not only will I be able to say goodbye to Qatar with my longest ever run along a quite desert road, running through the night and into sunrise, but I then get to return to the relatively mild Melbourne Autumn and familiarise myself with the mud, hills and trails in my little*** corner of Victoria.

I will be driving, and partly running, part of the DDDR (The Triple D, R) on Thursday this week, so I will post some pics of that in an “epic run preview” post.


*That is not a disclaimer for me to cut my own run short!

**Note. My non-running world is equally /maybe more interesting but this is a running blog.

***It’s not little!

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