Runs On The Horizon: Big V Trail Series

Facebook, in all its algorithmic glory, let slip that there is a new trail series in town, the Big V Trail Series. For once I am going to be here, in country, for all of it. So I’ve entered!!


Four races between October and January between 12 & 16K:

The 4 locations

Not much else to say at this point. After moving house and dealing with all the usual ‘house moving duties’ such as unpacking, painting, etc I have been a little bit under the weather so have not been able to run as much as I would normally like – I have missed the last two Warrandyte River Runs.

12K by the end of the month is achievable though. As long as I can get back on the proverbial horse (or should that be wagon) this week then I will be in good enough condition for the first race of the series on the 30th.


Today marks the first day in the Pound Bend 1K Time Trial series. A local initiative started by me, inspired by the indoor time trials DBRC run in Doha over the hotter summer months. The series will run into December and will feature a series of 1K time trials every few weeks with alternating hill and speed sessions in the weeks in between.


Now, the course is a little bit down-hill so times will be faster than on the flat, but it is more about the comparison and improvement than the legitimacy of the 1000 meter time. So far I have about 6 people who have said they will turn up.


My social media feed has been full of my old running club chums leaving Doha for (quite literally) greener pastures and two of them have turned up in Melbourne. I have arranged to go for a run with one of them Sunday and I am quite looking forward to catching up, he/they were good runners in Doha and I think they will enjoy running in Melbourne.

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