Building up and counting down

It’s a pretty exciting time for the beardy runner.

In what I can only relate to as that feeling of exhileration one feels when on one of those superfast rollercoasters (thinking Rita at Alton Towers or The Superman Ride at Movieworld), I am at a stage in my running where I am experiencing an exponential acceleration in my weekly average kilometres and the distances in the events I am entering.
Stringing together days of 10K+ runs while still being able to walk the next day and feeling up for more is a great feeling. Yes, it is a hard slog but it does also make me feel invinclble at times.

Black Knight meme

Of course, the important take out from this is that I do know that I am NOT INVINCIBLE, but I am still entitled to relish in my Black Kinght moment.


The Geelong Half is only a few weeks away. This will be my first “half marathon event” for a couple of years and I am excited to not only be able to take part in this races 30th year but to also know that this is going to be the flattest course I run this year (12 metres of elevation) and therefore also one of my fastest. I stand a good chance of PB’ing here and if I can stick to the 1:45 pacer, I should also put a serious dent in my current half marathon PB of just under 2 hours (Great Ocean Road 2014).
I will also attending the event with some of the River Runners, so this will be a nice “club run experience” too.

Post Geelong things get very very interesting. The Monday after the race will not only be a well deserved REST DAY but day one of a 19 week training program which will culminate in my first ever multi-day stage event – Run Larapinta.
Yup, I finally get to run around the red deserty bit in the middle of Australia!

Are any of you going to Geelong too or have any major running goals on the horizon this year?

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