Torment and temptation: the tyranny of taper

A tyrannical overlord has taken command of all that I see and all that I do.

He goes by many names, masquerading at times as Mr Ranger, or Dr Runger, but at this time in a runner’s training cycle, he is simply known as Lord Taper.

After getting into the swing of running 30+ kilometre training runs on a regular basis, even managing to crank out a 12K run around Uluru two days after Run Larapinta and setting a new 10K and 15K PB at the De Castella Run the following weekend, the idea of stopping, of pulling back the mileage — to rest and repair, to be as fresh as I can — felt like a bad idea.

I know I cannot improve my fitness any more before Surf Coast, this is more about keeping the monsters at bay and simply embracing the idea that I like to run far.

As I planned and schemed to fit in more speed sessions and more long runs, I actively ignored Lord Taper’s propaganda to rest and relax, pull back on the mileage, etc etc but his dark side Jedi mind tricks exacted quiet influence on my decision making capability

Soon I discovered that these were indeed not the droids I was looking for and that the concept of taking it real easy in the 9 days leading up to the farthest I have ever run in one sitting — to date — was actually a pretty good idea.

That, and the crazy week which is Warrandyte Dairy build week simply wiped me out.

So, maybe Mr Taper is more Yoda than Vader.

I guess time and distance will tell.

If I make the Kessel Run is less than 12 parsecs and enjoy a nice cold beer in my new 1 litre, engraved, stein then whoopee — but even if I don’t make it in under 12 hours, it’s still going to be a great day on the Surf Coast and I’m still going to have a beer.

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