Mixing It Up – Beep Test

As we all know, a healthy running routine includes a variety of training exercises and as I consistently gripe about – it is quite hard to exercise when I am on shift. Last week, while I was on nights, TheFastOne mentioned he had downloaded the Beep test and with my replenished interest in Interval training, a Beep test sounded like fun – the last time I did one of those was back in Secondary school – and I hated it. Although, back then I was somewhat heavier and un-healthier than I am presently so my hatred is understandable.

Roll through a week of interval training, long runs, and recovery runs until today, lunchtime, and my beep test with TheFastOne now includes SpeedyVic and Camperman.  After receiving a strange look from my boss which prompted me to say:

From left: SpeedyVic, myself & TheFastOne

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to suddenly break into a song and dance number”


You see, that small grey box in the background of the photo is Camperman’s amp – cum – ipod speaker and isn’t very small. Camperman is also a partime DJ so is prone to DJ like performances when given an audience. – Maybe I should call him DJVW instead.

Anyway, after some intensive measuring, and setting up of the 20 meter run in the only way a TC can – pedantically – we began.

What can I say? Beep tests are deceptively difficult; they lull you into a false sense of security with the half walk/half jog routine for the first level. Which means when you hit your threshold level – or in the very least begin to, it becomes subjectively difficult – although objectively it is not – it’s just a bit quick. I guess the killer is the turn around. I’m built for distance, not explosive speed so hitting the correct pace from a stop – in 20 meters is quite difficult.

I completed level 8.3 before stopping. While taking a necessary but undeserved shower after the session I reflected that I could have probably pushed myself further. None-the-less, we have all agreed to precede the next attempt with a proper warm up – to get the blood pumping as we are sure this will encourage us to push further.

Having not felt like I have exercised today, I will be running 5 miles this evening, 9 days till Ealing and I am into recovery run/junk mile territory – just to keep me ticking over until the HM day.

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