Getting Your 5 A Day

Jogute route 2.5 miles

Even though I feel like a lemon, this is not about getting enough fruit and veg. Joguting – running to/from work – I know, I know but “running to – or – from work” sounds way too boring. Joguting has become a factor in my life. I recently mis-placed my bicycle key, at work of all places, which means for the time being my bicycle is chained up in a cycle shelter on campus and inaccessible until I can locate a spare key – doh! indeed.

This happened yesterday to be precise – the day of the beep test. At the end of my shift I got changed into my cycle gear and prepared for the short cycle home and a 5 mile run. Some 20 minutes later, I was still at work and key-less but I needed to go home, my solutions were to walk or get the train – or you could run home, K-Theory suggested. I am not sure if she was joking but the idea appealed – especially since I had my running gear with me. Plus it would get me home quicker than walking without the sting of London Transport fares. So I did.

Tonight was my third leg of the jogute and I have to say it is addictive. It is currently only a 2.5 mile circuit but run twice a day I can cover 5 miles, and still have an evening, and feel like I’ve gotten some exercise I’ve already begun to work out how I can pack effectively so that I can cycle in on the first day of my shift and back on the last, joguting in the days and nights in between. I remember reading that running twice a day was a good way to increase stamina for distance running without having to run long runs all the time and I am already working out how to increase my jogute by a mile or two without dramatically altering my wake up routine and pre-work schedule. Of course, I also have the luxury of excellent and free shower facilities at work plus K-Theory to mule in the odd thing in her car in an emergency but I think with some careful planning I can really make this work.

Benefit of running No. 5: You can always run it

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