Run of the (muddy) mill

Winter is coming. The evenings are darker and it is definitely getting colder. Patricia Bowmer – another running blog I follow (really interesting Oz writer who has been playing with Ultras) – recently blogged about a drop of enthusiasm after she finished her team Ultra and had no running targets on the horizon.

Well. I think these sorts of lows are normal. Thankfully I managed to avoid this particular exer-emotional pitfall after EH but there was a gap. So after buying a new exercise book – I am not usually one to follow structured exercise plans but the next half that I can legitimately consider doing isn’t until March – So 5 months of working on improving my 21K performance and my core and upper body strength will work with in my favour, especially as I will be attempting to earn my Spartan Trifecta, complete a Tough Mudder and mix in a smattering of half and full marathons (fingers crossed and injury free).

Then, an opportunity arrived yesterday. I can now enter the Muddy Mo in November – a muddy 10K in Swinley Forest a little under a month from now (yay) and once that muddy bowl got rolling I remembered the Human Race have an Off Road series starting in November too – all events are close to London and all are around 8 miles.

Additionally I got my bike back today so I am now back on the pedal power which has cheered my exercise karma up no end.

So it looks like the next 5 months are full of strength exercise, 5 – 10 mile runs around the hills of Richmond Park and lots and lots and lots and lots of mud. Now I just need to buy some trail running shoes.

If can convince SpeedyVic or TheFastOne to join me for a couple of these messy excursions , all the better.

One thought on “Run of the (muddy) mill

  1. Thanks for the mention – I’m pleased to report I’ve overcome the post-race dip, and signed up for some pretty cool upcoming events. I’d experienced that dip before, so it wasn’t a great surprise, but always uncomfortable all the same. Enjoy the mud – sounds like you’ve got lots of fun coming up!

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