Review: OMM Adventure Lite 20L running backpack

If you are like me and beginning the transition into mega distance running or just running to and from work, you are probably looking into ways of carrying clothing, nutrition and equipment while pounding out your soul. A couple of months ago; due to a temporary bicycle crisis and a rapidly disintegrating backpack, I took it upon myself to buy a backpack that I could wear when running to/from work. I opted for an OMM Adventure Lite 20L which cost me about £50 from Sweatshop. Now, with the pack shaken down, I have decided to review it.

The Adventure Lite 20L is a stripped down version of OMM’s standard adventure running backpack. The OMM Leanweight textile chassis means your backpack, in its ‘as bought’ state weighs hardly anything, if all you need it for is a container so you can mule your clothes and food around on your runs or to and from your place of work then it’s perfect. If, however, you need additional storage or compression then OMM provide a Leanweight kit that allows you to augment your pack to suit more strenuous needs.

The Adventure Lite has both chest and waist harnesses that click in with a plastic buckle system, it took me a while to get used to how tight these have to be, but after some adjustment I managed to achieve the stability I need from the pack, when full, with minimal swaying as I run. As well as a large 20L main storage area which allows me to carry shoes, clothes and food to and from work with relative ease, the backpack also has a number of zip-lock pockets – one of the top and two on the waist harness, these pockets are perfect for storing my wallet, phone and work ID which means I can transit through the security check points quickly – an important feature at 06:30 on a winter morning.

I also cycle to work so have been using it for this as well, the waist harness, when not clipped shut, does not flap around when I am cycling and the whistle on the chest harness is a handy substitute to my bell. The backpack has reflective areas but my cycle sleeve fits nicely over the bag with no problems, even when filled to its maximum 20 litre capacity.

Lastly, the pack has space for a Camelbak bladder and hose which means if I want to go for an extended run but need something bigger than my basic Camelbak then I can, in theory, transfer the bladder into the Adventure Lite.

All in all, a good purchase and well worth the £50. The only real down side to this product is the adjustable straps tend to flap around a bit. If you are looking for a running backpack to get you through your jogutes (work runs) or over the wintery countryside then I highly recommend this product.

Pros: Comfortable to wear; reflective back, can be seen with in public (when not running); good storage for phone, keys, wallet; lightweight

Cons: Adjustable straps flap around a bit; getting it secure is a bit tricky the first few times.

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