Run of the (muddy) mill: Back on track

When running my way out of a fitness slump, I tend to NOT try it while I’m on shift, especially when said shifts are night shifts. But November is a couple of weeks away and that means it’s Muddy Mo and Wildman time.


I have no time to wait for the luxury of four or five days off – post day shift – to get back on track, not if I want to return to form for 3rd November.

My options seemed limited. So I adopted a Jogute  strategy for the week. I have to admit, when running to work out of choice, instead of necessity – it is much more enjoyable. Although, as the date demonstrates (and even though I am only covering a couple of miles each way) sometimes running home after a 12 hour night shift is HAAAARRRDDDD!

Still, out of a run of five nights, I ran to and from work three times and cycled two. Not bad. Which means my mileage for the week of the 15th October is a smidge under 20 miles – which is close to the figures I was running pre-Ealing.


I also made the mistake of watching TV post shift – I caught a programme about this year’s Adidas Terrex adventure race series and it got my tired mind wandering. Subsequently I have located an adventure running event next year that I fancy running – The Wall a 69 mile run along Hadrian’s Wall over 1 or 2 days. I had a look at their 20 week training plan and I definitely have the level of fitness to do the training.

The question I have, dear readers is:

Should I go for this and effectively by-pass road marathons all together – transition into off road, adventure ultra races. Or pull back and focus on completing a road marathon (or two) next year before contemplating ultra-distances??

Answers in the comments please

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