It’s because of nights like these that I have a running blog

Ok. It’s cold, well ok it’s not cold cold. You know. It’s still above 0, but we’re into single figures. It is most definitely wooly hat and snotty nose weather (doubly unpleasant if you’re also sporting serious face fur!)

I’m home from work and i’m cold. My flat is nice and warm and dinner is a one turn of a hob knob (not the biscuit) away. But I am not a fair weather runner. I have a 10K muddy run 8 days time. It’s nights like these when the weather is chilly, the body is tired, and the fuck-wits are on the street that I remind myself why I am the muddy masochist.

I spent the day staring at the ‘thewallrun’ webpage. Reading and re-reading the preparation info, staring at the route map, the cut-off times. I spent an eternity visualising 10 minute miles, an hours worth of 10 minute miles, then I multiplied it by thirteen hours. I tried to visualise 69 individual 10 minute miles back-to-back. Stuck together like holiday photos, end to end.

Deep breath. Bring on the night.

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