Run of the (muddy) mill: Trails off the Starboard Bow

Like a cloaked Romulan Warbird, trail season has drifted up to my nacelles and has fired a photon torpedo across my nose (what can I say; Fringe is on UK TV, which means Abrams, which means about 6 months until the new Star Trek movie – moving on). Where did October go?? I guess it has only been a month since Ealing but that seems soooo long ago.

Saturday (3rd) is Muddy Mo. It’s only a 10K (I say this since up to the end of Sep I was regularly running 10K distances as my short runs.) and maybe this is why I allowed it to sneak up on me in this way, I broke one of the cardinal rules of running – I forgot to respect the distance.

So, with the realisation that my running has been a little lax (for event training) and that maintaining my integrity by running through the winter and not becoming “a fair weather runner, because that is boring”. On Halloween I had to go out for a 10K run, just so I knew I could complete the run respectably.

I have already decided that my goal for muddy mo is to just get round, I will not be looking to set any PB (a task which may be hard anyway since there is rumours of at least three sections that involve wading through knee – waist deep mud) since the course is hilly. Not enough hill training is what caught me out at Ealing and with the gradient of the course on RunKeeper I was able to see just how hilly this muddy 10K will be, which is why on Halloween I plotted, and ran, a route through Richmond Park which took in all the significant hills.

I posted the data here because I want to share my reflections and the data being visible helps. For one, I know I can get around the 10K course on Saturday in about 50 – 55 minutes which is the respectable time I am aiming for. The longest and steepest ascent on Saturday is comparable to the first mile or so of my run on Wednesday and I tackled that with relative ease. I have also found a nice short trail running circuit for the Winter which not only gets my running regular once again but incorporates some serious hill work – which is all good. So all in all, I am in a happy place for my forthcoming race and confident that I can put in the mileage (and hill work) for Wildman at the end of the month.

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