Run Of The (muddy) Mill: Back on track, just in time

It seems I may have finally gotten my running mojo back. Last month was, in general, a weird one for me. Moving job & moving house all within 2 weeks of each other is not recommended and, as I have mentioned, seriously messes with ones inner-runner.

But I am on holiday now, off the the Isle Of Skye in Scotland and am hoping to take advantage of the scenery and get in some amazingly beautiful, and hopefully long, runs around the lochs of the island. The trip coincides with my 30th birthday and I was originally (way back in November last year) planning to run 30K on my birthday but injury kind of blew that out of the water, so running 5 miles the other night was a massive emotional bonus and has given me a reason to once again be excited about running on the Isle of Skye.

Stay tuned for some interesting run reports – I know there hasn’t been one in a while – and if any of you know a good challenging loch run up there please drop me a note in the comments field.

Happy running


5 thoughts on “Run Of The (muddy) Mill: Back on track, just in time

  1. Did you find any good runs in Skye? I’m visiting soon and would love some good ideas for a 10k run.

  2. Hi – sorry to take so long to get back, I twisted my ankle so no running for me right now, but I should be back to full fitness by the time we go to Skye in May. We’re going to stay in a place called Carbost which means nothing to me, but my husband says that’s where the Tallisker distillery is which is as good a reason as any to visit! Any tips/running routes gratefully received 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear about the ankle. I highly recommend the ‘three chimneys restaurant – it is not in Carbost but you are not far from it. I have just found my Garmin adaptor so I will share a run I did not too far from there shortly. Oh and bring trail shoes, the running is either on the edge of roads or over boggy ground.

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