Run of the (muddy) mill: Like a slug with a rocketpack


I was reading an article – or maybe a blog (I cannot quite remember) about mastering the snot-rocket (I know it’s disgusting and I personally don’t do it) and this post is inspired by that, so I apologise in advance if some of my imagery is a little unpleasant.

It is March already (how did that happen?) and the streets are full of runners preparing for the London Marathon – sadly I am not one of them as I didn’t get in. As mentioned in previous posts, I have been a little disappointed in my running lately as I am running a lot less – in both distance and frequency – as I would like, but things are improving, I am still running and my frequency is improving, I have also joined a gym so that I can increase my core and upper-body strength (which are both ashamedly poor at the moment) but these things are also now improving. Also, I am doing a few long cycle events with my buddy Ginger-Wheels this year – the first one is at the beginning of May. This is the direction this post is going.

My new job means I regularly cycle 80 – 150 miles/week just getting to/from work and this morning, on my way home from a night shift, I was caught out by Winter’s last ditch attempt to make itself known, now pollution makes my nose run anyway but the chilly air was causing a snot flow not disimilar to that of a slug trail (gross for you! Imagine how I felt) and the icy wind that was doing itself to blow me both sideways and backwards made me feel like a slug with a rocketpack.

Regardless, I managed to get home in good time although I will not be going for a run this afternoon since my quads are screaming like they are being tickled with hot pokers.

So it seems that the muddy masochist may have to add ‘gears’ to his mantra of Blood, blisters & mud and from there?? My gym has a pool,  a quiet one too! If I get some swimming lessons (to learn front crawl) my next big event(ure) might be a triathlon.



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