I’d reached the 13 km marker for the 21.5 km (aptly named) Roller Coaster Run.  The Roller Coaster where we gained and lost about 1000 metres of elevation, where flat running was only a pleasant memory, and where every corner brought another up or downhill.  I was pleased with how I was travelling at this point, though my feet were complaining a bit, and the black toenail on my right foot was surely going to be a bit blacker after that last downhill.

We were moving up a gentle incline.  I believe I was smiling.  The red 13km sign caught my eye, and I started thinking about the number 13.  How it was unlucky, but my best friend had decided that she felt sorry for 13, and made it her favorite number.  My best friend, Kathy, back in New York,  and oh, wasn’t that her address, 13, something, 13 Ray…I…

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