Trailblazing: P.I.T.W.I.A.S.O.M.




Woodland panoramic 1


At least that is what I needed to tell myself today. Despite the black cloud that hangs over the individual who coined that particular phrase – he has a point.

With the missus away I decided to take advantage of the empty house* and see if it was possible to get in a full HMT routine: four runs, two gym sessions and five night shifts.


The next part of my abbreviated title reads: Weather is a state of mind. If you live in the UK, then you will know what this means. On Tuesday Spring finally made an appearance – joy!. The tights can go in the cupboard for the next six…ok fi… three mon… (who the fuck knows?) and get some much needed sun on my bony and increasingly bruised and scarred knees – of which I would like to add at this point I managed to improve on dramatically when I tripped on a tree root. It was however just a scratch.


Thursday, therefore, was a bit of a surprise. A week ago I abandoned a speed session for a pacey run as I was feeling a little pastey following a friends impromptu birthday celebration. A foolish prediction that the gloriously springy conditions were not just perfect but permanent and a good time to actually do some speed work, this trail run is only 8 weeks away. On Thursday it snowed. But I persevered, it’s fun running in the snow, in April, on an island in the northern hemisphere which just left of the gulf stream. At about 3pm, while doing some speed spurts near Teddington Lock, I got micro-blizzarded. Ok, so it’s West London not Siberia or the Yukon but sideways snow in leafy London suburbs in April just doesn’t cross ones mind. Regardless I howled at the weather spirits “come on you b**rd is that all you’ve got!” and pushed on.  It seems the crazy howls of a tall beardy chap in elasticated fibres and a woolly hat scares off not just the locals but the weather too.




Weather is temporary, pain is a state of mind – 2 hour trail run. Hills. Blisters. Sunshine – bliss!


Sunday, today. A chance to complete 4 runs this week. I woke up with just enough time to get a  quick run in before  I had to go to work but I needed to hustle from the moment I was conscious.. Limiting myself to 30 mins helped since I know I can run for 30 mins on an empty stomach without issue. I found a short trail run I ran a few months ago and slipped my trail shoes back over my blisters. I licked around the trail course in good time –  a good run. Thank goodness for coffee.


Pain is weather, state of mind is temporary. And so is sleep deprivation. Tuesday beckons.


 *the advantage is that if  I don’t have time to tidy between runs and work, it’s not a big deal since it’s only my senses that get insulted.


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