Week 15 – 2013


Ran 10K in 52:55 – a new 10K PB for me. Run felt great, half trail half road, fairly flat. Ran hard and fast because I had not run for a couple  of days – on account of the night shift work. Eased off in the middle, I think if I pushed myself harder I could get it closer to 50mins.



30 min run – junk miles – 5.5K – Average run, nothing to write home about, ran the first K and a half at a 4:30ish pace which was empowering.



Long Slow Trail Run – 1:50mins 17.5K. Run felt great, borderline awesome.  I spent the majority of it applying the brakes to keep my pace slow. It is definitely getting easier to maintain an even pace on muddy & hilly terrain. This has also been reflected on my flat runs where my pace is generally faster without too much extra effort. No coffee between waking and running (1 hour duration) seemed to make a difference as I had less bowel discomfort.


Next week I will get more runs in, plus some gym&swim work as I will be at home all week.

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