Men in Tights

Made me laugh. Worthy of a re-blog

Born to Plod

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This is one for the guys. I can’t be the only man who’s had a conversation that’s gone a little bit like this…

Non-runner:  “oooooh… I like your leggings”.

Runner: (puffs out chest and adopts a gruff manly tone) “they’re not leggings, actually. They’re tights! So… umm…

This little exchange is usually rounded off with waves of laughter, the like of which hasn’t been heard since that time I tripped over in Debenhams and got my head stuck in a bread bin.

Running tights are a fantastic thing; they fend off the biting wind-chill on a cold morning and bring all the added benefits of compression gear*. But it’s just the name of the things that I struggle with; I’m no expert, but if they don’t have feet doesn’t that technically make them leggings rather than tights?

I can hazard a guess as to what happened. Some bright spark…

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