Week 16 – 2013


The first 50min run of the week. I decided to run at my predicted half-marathon pace which is about 5:30mins/km. If you’ve read ‘changing up a gear’ then you’ll know the full story. Struggled to keep the pace slow, ended up with a 5:15min/km average for 9K’s. Great run, felt very positive after it.


Cross training session at the gym. Ran for 15 mins on the treadmill to try and nail the effort level for my half-marathon pace then worked through a core and upper body strength routine.


Little sore from the gym session. Went for an easy run. Did 8.7km at 5:26min/k pace – which is dead on my half marathon pace. Run was good, no complaints.


Swam for 50mins, 1760 meters. 🙂


Due to work commitments I moved my long run for the week to today. Also, due to work commitment, I will not be able to get another long run in for the next 2 weeks. So I did a race ‘dry run’: Ran 14 miles, eat my pre race meal…

Ate vegan porridge with peanut butter and banana 90 mins before run, filled up the Camelbak with a mix of Lucozade sport and water 1:4 ratio and set off. I aimed for a 6min/km pace to stat with. Got around in 2hr 20mins. KM 19 – 22 were tough – this was due to knee and right hip pain – a result of pushing myself further than my body is used to. Reflecting on the splits, I am hoping to shave 10 mins off that time, if I can do that (through training) I will finish the trail run in June in my projected time. massaged my legs with a cold shower after run and took some Neurofen. Feel great!!

I have discovered that resisting the urge to drink a cup of coffee when I am running in the morning makes the run a lot easier.


Woke up and felt good, no real niggles or soreness. Went for a 30min easy cycle with the missus.


Legs a little sore around the thighs and bum. Went for a 1 hour easy cycle with the missus.

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