Week 17 – 2013

English: Richmond Park

An odd week. This week is dominated by a run of night shifts and since I cycle to work – and haven’t really stopped since the 14 miler the previous week… I’ll let the data do the talking:


11K run around Richmond Park, 5:28 average which mean’t I did the 11K in an hour – essentially – race pace. Felt good.

Cycled 9 miles to work


Finished work at 4am, cycled 9 miles home. Slept all day, cycled to work in the afternoon – 9 miles again


cycled home (9 miles). Ran 11K around Richmond park. Blisternigly hot day + tired legs + night shift exhaustion = a strenuose run – 11.25K in 1.07.

cycled to work (9 miles)


cycled to and from home 18 miles, no running – pooped and sore


cycled to and from home 18 miles, no running – pooped and sore


Needed to run. Ran 5K’s 26mins – hard run, felt stiff, sluggish – tired. The data showed it was actually not bad though, 40 seconds off of a new PB for 5K. Hopeful

Cycled to and from work. Had a sports recovery drink at work that evening, felt awesome – suspect I was lacking in vits and mins all week – may have to buy some SIS stuff next week.


cycled home. Slept for 11 hours. Got a lift in to work – forced (by body) rest day. Will try to run on Monday as I am feeling much much fresher at the moment.


So. Cycled around 100 miles & ran 27K – not my best week for running but the endurance still seems to be there – i’m still alive!!

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