Run of the (muddy) mill: The muddy masochist

In just under 6 weeks I will be in Keswick for the ‘Great Trail Challenge’ a 14 mile trail run, my first run of the year and my longest race to date. But that’s 6 weeks away and although training is going well for this run (you know it’s going to be a good one when the course not only includes sections named ‘King of the hill’ and ‘demon descent’ but that I’m going to have to do them twice) my primary aim will be to survive the next 10 days.

I start this week at the tail end of a run of 9 night shifts: 18:00 – 28:00 bracketed by a 9 mile cycle to and from work. In fact, as I write this, I am on shift 8 of 9 (I think). So, after a rather difficult week of running last week I have decided to hold off on the running until Wednesday. Which means on Wednesday I have a big big trail run ahead of me – I am looking at doing a 10 miler through Richmond Park and the woods around Wimbledon Common.


I’ve run this one before and it is nice and woody in places. That’s the mud!

On Sunday I am taking part in the ‘Oxfordshire Classic’ which is a 60 mile cycle around Oxfordshire. It’s a bit of a bugger that it is taking place smack bang in the middle of my trail run training but these things happen.


I’ve paid for the entry fee and already booked my train ticket. I’m committed to this now. Although I haven’t cycled 60 miles in one go before, I have been clocking up the mileage on my bike these past few months and with some decent distances on my legs, from the running, I imaging this will be a fun, painful, yet achievable task. I also get to spend the day with my buddy Keith – which is the main reason I’m doing this. That’s the masochist part.

And finally, Tuesday 7th I’ve got my second race preparation run – a 15 miler in the Chilterns – Wendover to Beaconsfield – all trails, proper hilly. That’s the muddy masochist part.

Wendover to Southcote modified

Wendover to Southcote modified

Created 04.27.13 by BeardyRunner

Ridgeway onto South Bucks way, onto Toby’s lane then Penn woods, common wood and up to Southcote

Happy running peeps, I know I will be.


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