Blood Blisters and Biros: Summer runnin’

Badwater Basin
Badwater Basin (Photo credit: side78)

I don’t know about you but I don’t deal with the heat very well, which puts a real dampner on my chances of running a marathon in Africa or, say, running the Badwater 100.

But more on that later. It’s half marathon training time, once again, and as I’m going for a 1:45 time – a good 20 minutes faster than previous attempts – so I’m taking the training a little more seriously. What this means is when the plan says run, I need to run. So with the weather being as hot as it has been in the UK this weekend, I’ve had to start running home for work again – a bit of a struggle after a 12 hour night shift but I think you’ll agree, this photo demonstrates that it is all well worth a bit of suffering.

Cow field near Richmond
Cow field near Richmond

Run two in t-minus 15 hours from now. Let’s hope the weather remains as cool as it was this morning. Happy running!

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