Too hot, too tired: Bored now!

Ok, time to get the whip out. The blogging has fallen away recently and the running is going through a similar low – at least that’s how it feels.
In the past, my running has fallen over during the hotter British months and I’ve always attributed this to not being a big fan of the heat. True as this is, the past few dats of killer British heat has seen my running drop off almost completely.

This has to stop. Tonight, I have a chance to run in the hot evening, to stop being so north-western European and to stop complaining about the stiffilingly hot weather. Sprinters and Long Distance runners from some of the hottest countries manage to train in their native summers, summers which I am sure are much hotter than what I’ve experienced in London this weekend. And these runners are some of the fastest – if not the faestest – in the world. So tonight, I will be channeling my Usain Bolt, Scott Durek, Patrick Makau and – who can forget – Paula Radcliff, will be putting on a hat and just doing it.

Join me!

2 thoughts on “Too hot, too tired: Bored now!

  1. I’m was going through the same.
    Currently living in Seville, the past 2 weeks we’ve been between 100-110 (highs). I was running once/twice a week, then once day I decided to man up and hit the road. Sure enough was bad, but now I think I’m getting used to it.
    Enjoy it!

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