2000 Views: Stat attack


So, I’ve just passed 2000 views after being live for about 14 months. I know that these figures aren’t astronomical but a milestone is a milestone. So here is a summary of my activity over the last 1000 views – since March 26th 2013:

Distance run (logged) between 1000 and 2000 views: 867 KM

Time spent running between 1000 and 2000 views: 85:27:40

Longest distance run: 22 KM

Events entered: Oxfordshire Classic (70 mile cycle), Karrimor Great Trail Challenge (22K), Ealing Half Marathon, Royal Parks Half Marathon


Looking back at my last Stat attack, there has been an obvious increase in my mileage over less time and the events I am entering are consistently longer – this is surely a sign of things to come as I train for my first marathon and contemplate doing my first ultra marathon next October.

Keep reading, keep running, keep active.


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