It’s time for the New Year promises post

I had this brilliant idea. New Year – time for the annual ‘time to make ourselves better’ moment. This is not all in total New Year’s promis-cuity – Promiscurity you say, that cannot be right Mr Masochist. But let’s face it, every New Year the majority of us flirt with the concept of life changing lifestyle choice that, like a good one night stand, lasts as long that first cup of coffee the morning after.

Still. I was run down through the Christmas period – the result of too many night shifts and not enough sleep which meant my scheduled long slow run at the beginning of this week was cut abruptly in half as I simply did not care. I’d lost the love and, frankly, the only way to run 14 miles is to love it. So, not only was I run down but I was also a run down – bad times ahead. Or so I thought.

To cut a long and very repetitive running story short – I slept lots and went for a run on New Years day. And now I feel great.

So, with full on commitment – and taking the easy option for finding New Years Resolutions. Here are my New Year’s resolutions:

1) Discipline – commit to the programme – I made a few mistakes last year with regard to training and with a marathon and ultra marathon on the books, signed off and payed for – i cannot afford to drop the yoga ball and get distracted. Tri’s can wait.

2) Run at least 1 competitive 5K a month – this is for you ParkRun. I want that to make some serious progress towards my 50 technical tee.

3) Take up Open Water Swimming

4) Run 800 miles in 2014 – I ran about 750 miles in 2013 so an extra 50 seems like a good target.

And that’s it. Enough to keep me busy – what are your fitness resolutions?

2 thoughts on “It’s time for the New Year promises post

  1. I think your hyper critical of your self. You have acheived so much this year and have a competitive base to build upon. Your dealing in microtransactions now, seconds rather than minutes, ounces over pounds.

    My resolution is to loose one stone this year and 2 inches off my waist. My goal is 30 mins of walking a day, pushing through the pain on the days I dont want too and making the most of the days i can do more.

    As ever inspirisational stuff Beardy. Go get em!!!

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