Road To Brighton: Week ending…. 90 days to go

Things I learnt this week:

1) The Big Bang Theory, by subtitles alone – is still really, really funny – dare I say even funnier than with sound. – When going to the gym I forgot my headphones. With a 5 mile treadmill run ahead of me, the only way to stop the treadicide was to read my way through E4 for five miles.

2) Sleep is as important!

3) My base fitness is quite good – 30:00 pacer at my local parkrun. I was able to run it, easily, at the correct pace and still feel fresh.

So it’s been a good week, I’ve ran 35 miles – cycled 15 and re-introduced the gym strength session. I have had to adapt my marathon training plan to a more conventional 4-5 runs a week plan but this is proving to work for me so go figure. I think starting ones marathon training in October for a Spring marathon is a little too far in advance and explains my recent drop in activity and performance but at the end of this week, my mileage is back up and I’m beginning to feel pretty confident about the marathon – once again.

I am looking forward to next week. I have a big 16 mile LSR on Saturday and my first official marathon training session down in Brighton on the Sunday. I am also looking forward to trying out a few classes at my (new) local gym.

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