Death of the Muddy Masochist OR: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Run!

How I learned to stop worrying and Love the run

The Further Adventures of a Beardy Runner

June 2013: Keswick. It’s BUPA Great Trail Run day – 14 miles over the hills surrounding Keswick. 2 laps, 3.5 up, 3.5 down and repeat. I have been training for this for a few months and it is my first race of the 2013 year. I reckon I can do it in about 2:15. However, I misinterpret the hill data (well, everybody does to be honest) and my short but steady first hill is much steeper than I anticipate but on a fraction of the gradient for hill no.2. I complete the first lap in about 1:10 so know that my overall time is going to be in the region of 2:20 – or something.

I eventually finish in just under 2.5 hours. But this is my first proper trail run and I am happy with my time, I know that I put as much effort as I could into…

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