Sydney Bridge Run 2014

New Post – Sydney Bridge Run

The Further Adventures of a Beardy Runner

Sydney Harbour Sydney Harbour

Back in Australia, and in Sydney this time – well for 3 weeks anyway. My journey through Sydney coincides with the Blackmores running festival – home of the Sydney Marathon as well as a few lesser distance runs. Usually I would be all gun-ho for the half marathon but after the Plenty Gorge trail runs and less running in London than I would have liked, I have decided to stick to the Bridge run – a 9K run which starts on the Milsons Point side of Sydney Harbour Bridge and finishes at the Botanical gardens. Often it is nice to run long, but sometimes it is nice to run short too. It was also a good opportunity to let my young running protégé race me, as we would both be in the same event.

Arriving in Sydney, I spent a lot less time running in the two weeks…

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