Salomon Trail Running Series: Race 2 Plenty Gorge: Review

Race Report – Salomon Race No.2 – the ‘what the fuck am I doing’ race

The Further Adventures of a Beardy Runner

In the weeks leading up to this event I poured over all the available data for this Race 2. Like some sort of Tom Clancy CIA analyst, my computer screen was filled with elevation charts, course maps, Vic Parks & Recreation directories and previous personal splits for similarly ran distances. I should have been running.

Course Map


plenty elevation

Even though my training had lapsed I had run this distance before, and longer, Plenty is only a few K’s longer than Studley and I managed to run the last 100 meters of that in 13 seconds with two bloody knees and a cut up hand. However that attitude has caught me out before (see: and:


A few days before I had a chance to check out the terrain. Plenty Gorge is stunning. All rocky valleys, rolling hills, gum tree forests and fields of Roo’s (still haven’t got a…

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