Even the shade hurts

“Oh it’s not too bad” I tell myself as I walk through the small, air-conditioned, security hut between the car park and the outside world. Although brief, the cool climate in this building cruelly mocks my motivation to go on this run.

At lunchtime it was 115degF. Which is like 44degC. The humidity was low (thank goodness) but even in the shade, I was burnt. My bum, to be precise. The stone step I had chosen to sit on was slowly roasting turning my rump into next weeks Sunday lunch.

But now it is different, the Sun has set! Surely this is doable. And it is. Slowly, but it is.

“This is crazy”, I tell myself as I plod along the road, my 6KG bag on my back. “I must be a runner, I must love running. It’s still over 100degF, still high 30s. And I am here, running 4 miles”. And then it occurred to me, what had I become? Here I was, not only running in insanely hot weather, with a pack, trying to ignore the stray cats. But I am wishing – WISHING – that it was 32. not too long ago, I wouldn’t even consider doing anything outside if it was 32. Let alone a longish run.

wpid-wp-1433268913018.jpegDoha itself is doing noting to cure my madness, in fact I think it drives it further down the rabbit hole. If I am not running past a strange contrast of old and new, which makes me feel like I am in some sort of sci-fi future. Then the moon is playing games with the hotels and reenacting a backdrop from Stargate.


This is what running has in store for me this month:

4th June: Inside Out Run at Aspire Park. A 5K(ish) run with a mystery section. Still looking to get around sub 30min if I can.

17th June: Ramadan starts – I am not religious but the country I am in is. Finding a balance between my sanity/fitness goals and respecting local traditions will be interesting.

22nd June: Marathon Training Starts

It is going to be a fun month. Hopefully you will join me by becoming the recipients of my crazed, sun-bleached rants and raves.

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