Inside Out Run Race Preparation

R.P.T. (Race Prep Time)

This is the shortest event that I have run for some time. Today I was sent some info about tomorrow’s Inside Out Run. I think my most favourite part of the info they have sent out is this:


The race material also insists, repeatedly that this is:




Well, I stopped trying to be first a long time ago. Although I am still going to run this thing as fast as I can, if I can set a new PB for 5K (not that I probably will with temperatures predicted to be around 100degF, but you never know) I will be very happy, and half dead probably. Good job I do not have work on Friday.

So, tonight is all about prep.

1.5 miles (2 1/2K) on the treadmill at a sprint, I am thinking 7.5mph – 8 min miles plus some strength and core work – need to work on those areas a bit.
After all, the official line may be ‘this is not a race’ but unofficially….. I cannot see 300 odd runners turning up for a group leisurely jog.


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