Product Review: Hot Weather


Being of North-Eastern European origin, of the species homo-sapien-Brittania I have 100 words for rain, 2 terms for snow (yay it’s snowing (or) on-no it’s snowing [a very mood dependent term that one] and 1 word for anything over 24 degrees C.

Like last year’s umbrellas, we (as a species) seem to forget the seasonal extremes from one year to the next, so as we enter a new summer season, a new look hot, it is time to give this weather pattern the consumerism it deserves.

Product Spec

the sun

With a mass of 1,988,500 x 10×24 KG and a mean distance of 1.496 x 10×8 KM from the Earth, it takes a shade over 8 minutes for the sun’s light to reach us.

The Earth is heated by solar radiation, this heating happens as approximately 70% of the solar radiation that hits out planet is absorbed by the ground. In the ‘summer’ months, the Earth is tilted at an angle which allows this radiation to hit the surface more intensely. This higher intensity hit rate, creates a higher heat rate, which causes warmer temperatures.


The summer season often mean less clothing but a greater emphasis on style and looks as the bright weather encourages bright clothing and an urgency to get into shape as we are compelled to bare our flesh to the masses. Runners are able to layer down, which means washing should be cheaper as we are wearing less but the increased sweat production usually means we have to do more, but the economy setting on the washing machine should deal with that.

It is also wise to replace ones running clothes every couple of seasons, as not only do the clothes change shape through stretching and washing, but so do you. Plus clothing technology is always advancing so a new top may wick the sweat away more effectively.

A ultimate cost, however, is speed. Hot Weather will ultimately make one slow down, but perseverance though the treacle like properties of this product will eventually reward with positive results. Once one has adapted to the heat, one will speed up.


The must have accessories if one is going to use Hot Weather effectively are time management and hydration. It is a given that with increased sweat production one is going to have to increase fluid intake. Most people settle for a water bottle or some money to pop into the local shop en-route, I personally prefer a hydration nathanpack. I use a Nathan VaporAir running vest. I prefer it to a CamelBak as the 2 liter bladder is easily removed for filling, emptying and cleaning. I also find it more stable as the strap system is a double strap across the chest and there is no waist strap – which really bugs me. It also has good pockets for storing food, tissues and my phone.

Regardless of your hydration preferences, it is important to carry fluid, even on the shortest of runs, it is also important to make sure your fluid routine is a good mix of water, electrolytes and minerals that works well with one’s digestive system. Emergency evacuations – from either end – are never a good look.

Time management is vital. Running when the sun is low in the sky is important for longevity out on the tracks and trails, heat and humidity are an exercisational constant during summer running but the effects of this can be minimised by running in the early evening sunriseor early morning. If you are in a particularly humid climate then running around sun-rise is advised. Around 4/5am the temperature is at its coolest for the day, but slowly rising while the humidity is on its way down. This is about as perfect as conditions get when you are using Hot Weather. You will also score some spectacular sunrises.

The Review

I have had the pleasure of testing this product in extreme conditions. I regularly run with Hot Weather in +35 degree C temperatures and with humidity at a minimum of 30%, sometimes as high as 70%. These extreme conditions have taught me a lot about myself as a runner, mainly that anything is possible when using Hot Weather as long as you are accessorising with good hydration and time management.

I spoke about the cost to speed in the specs. Well this is true, it is also true that you slowly begin to get some of that speed back. I know from experience that less extreme examples of Hot Weather have reaped speed benefits without the perception of trying to improve that particular skill set, so I am hopeful that the extreme edition will offer similar, if not better, results.

Results and Highlights

4/5 – I prefer using Cold Weather but Hot has its benefits once you get used to it.
*Always always hydrate
*Run when the sun is lowest
*Don’t be ashamed to go slow

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