The Road to Marysville (or possibly Perth) Marathon Training Week 2 Cool Down

End of week 2 already. Sheesh, this one came around quickly.


4.5 miles in 45 mins just out and about. Wanted to go further but the evening humidity was getting to me and Garmin issues for the first mile made me irritable.


2 x 10K cycles on the exercise bike


4.5 mile run in 45min back to hotel with 3KG pack. Felt great, good pace too – marathon pace at times.


10 miles in 35:05 on the exercise bike – before work, time constraints.


40min 4 mile tready run.


7 mile endurance run


Rest Day (maybe)

Plus a smattering of core work. getting better at that bit.

Somebody on therunningbug posted a query about getting grumpy when they are down on a run for the week. This prompted me to reflect on that particular aspect of running, for this week. Not only has week 2 gone very quickly. But I feel like I have missed out somehow this week. Even though I couldn’t be much…



“I apologies for the break in thought but I’ve just eaten some hot food and discovered that I was in fact. Hungry.”

Should have guessed really.

So. Week two. I have a 7 mile run later today, I am quite looking forward to it actually. The route is a little familiar but I don’t have much choice with that at the moment. I am also discovering that the sub one hour short runs I am doing in the week do not feel long enough, so I may start extending them, gradually (as in frequency) to a nice, round, 60 minutes.

Skinny Running, a blog I read, has been talking about cravings and over indulgence, about wanting just one more [insert food, drink, video game]. Well I think I am wanting just one more mile, just one more run. Maybe even just one more day – I may need to run on Sunday too.

Maybe I will do a mid-week blog about food too.


Happy trails people!!

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