A Christmas Day Run

Hello fellow runners and run-blog readers. I hope you all had a pleasant December 25th. Well, it has been (and still as at time of posting) raining in Doha, like literally non-stop for the best part of a day and a half now.

An Unusually Weathery Year

Doha suffered some unusual weather in November when it received the best part of its annual rainfall in a day. But it looks like this may be the wettest year on record for the state of Qatar with today’s rainfall prediction nearly matching the average rainfall for Qatar in March – which is traditionally their wettest month (according to the data).

Rainfall this month
Rainfall this month

The Wetter The Better

But I’m a runner, I might even go as far as to label myself as a trail runner –  so rain has never been a major deterrent, in fact I often prefer to run in the wet. So last night, I headed out for a very very wet 18KM run which took me on a rather fantastic loop past Television roundabout, the hospitals (did not have to duck in) and eventually through the Souq, before hitting the Corniche for the final K’age.

Very Wet Run Data
Click on the pick for full details

So seasonal greetings, I thought I would post you the data from a very waterlogged but awesome run, plus some photos that people have uploaded of the local flooding.


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