The Day To Day Life Of A Runner

Business As Usual


It’s a horrid term, I know, but it is the truth. I have settled back into some sort of work/run routine out here in Doha and am just treading water while I wait for the 8th of Jan and the Ooredoo Marathon. As is the Doha way, the exact route details are largely unknown but the rumour mill seems to suggest that we will be running from the MIA to the Sheraton and back. A bit loopy and repetitive but it’ll be flat and I should be very familiar with the route which may work to my advantage (psychologically).

The Ooredoo Plan


My goal is to set a time, a flat time. A benchmark for training purposes. So this is my plan:

6min/K – K1 – 10
5:45/K – K11 – 25
6min/K – K26 – 36
5:45/K – K37 – 42

This will get me around in about 4:10 but there is scope for me to run longer at the faster pace,if I am feeling good, by either extending the second leg or fourth leg – which may allow me to shave a few minutes off my Goal Time. Alternatively, if it all goes a bit wrong, I should be able to sustain a decent enough pace to get around in around 4 1/2 hours. The official cut-off for this event is 5 hours and I have no intention of being swept.

The Training

I have been keeping my training ticking over from my November runs. I have done a couple of 20Kers and have been doing some speed work. Last Tuesday I took part in a 5K time trail at the local running track and managed to run a 24:31 – this is a good minute slower than my current 5K PB but this is on marathon legs with no particular focus on short distance pace. Post Ooredoo I am planning on using my recovery period to work through a 5K training plan with the intention of maybe shaving a few minutes off my time.

As I look towards running my next (next) marathon, maybe May time, I want to do some serious core and short distance speed work before I drift into a rigorous marathon training program once again. I might even set my sights on the Doha Dash in February as an event to test my new short-distance legs on.

I have also been doing the Bootcamp session again (when I can). I have been going along with my bud Simon and we tend to run around 10Ks – bracketing the session with 2 short runs – which means on bootcamp nights we tend to get in about 2 hours’ worth of exercise – both strength and endurance – so I am not too worried about my lack of super long runs since November as I tend to be out for 90mins to 2 hours regularly when exercising.

The C Word & The W Word

So I am Working over the Christmas period – pretty solidly actually. All the way through until the 2nd of Jan, now. So squeezing in the long runs is going to be tough, I may have to fall back onto some methodology I have tried before and do some double-up days just to get some long miles in the legs.

Well, that’s about it. Season Greetings, hopefully I will have something more exciting to talk about in the next week or so.

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