Here we go again

This week marks the beginning of 12 weeks of marathon training. This marathon: Melbounre Marathon – not as hilly as my first Australian marathon but a much more much more interesting route than my last flat marathon.


I am looking to run it around the 4 hour mark, maybe less if I can. I may  be a little short on my long runs of late – but that’s the point of marathon training right? To get good at long!

What I have been getting a lot of practice of is short, fast runs. With 4:40ish pace on my 5K races and a general sense of feeling stronger on the hills, I am sure i can transalte that into a respectible marathon time.


As always, my timing for these things is perfect. I will spend all of August in Brazil doing telly-work on the Olympic games, which may mean I am confind to the gym (for safety reasons) unless I can form the Olympic Broadcast Services Runing Club – worth a shot. But with access to a gym and a pool, I reckon I can put in the necessary work for  series of successful +30K run in September.

This weeks schedule:

Monday: 1 hour gym session (strenght training) + 10K run (easy pace)

Tuesday: 1 hour cycle

Wednesday: 1 hour gym session (Strengh training) + 15K run (easy pace)

Thursday: Speed Session – 15 x 200 at 5K pace with 200 meter easy jog in between

Friday: 1 hour gym session (strength training) + 5K run

Saturday: 5K Race with River Runners followed by 20K long slow run

Sunday: Flying all day

Are you running Melboure? Or are you training for another Spring Or Autumn (hempishere dependent) marathon? Let me know!

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